5 types of real estate email marketing campaigns

5 Types of Real Estate Email Marketing Campaigns

There are various types of real estate email marketing campaigns all based on the interest of the lead and where they are in the sales funnel. 5 primary email campaign types accommodate leads in all stages, like the targeted campaign, cold campaign, real estate drip campaign, open house follw0-up campaigns, and referral campaigns.

Here the Five main types of real estate email marketing campaign:

1. Target Campaigns:

Targeted email marketing campaigns are target to a certain subset of your leads based on demographic information, location, or interest. These types of campaign contacts usually come from lead generation ads and are often segment according to age. gender, location, or income. For Example, User may send the email campaign to leads than 65 contacts, highlighting low maintenance, single-level homes for retirement living.

2. Cold Campaigns:

Cold campaigns are emails sent to potential leads which means sending an initial email to your contacts and create the awareness. Sending introductory real estate emails to who is interest to buy or niche leads like for sale by owner contacts.

These cold campaign leads often taken a long time to convert the prospect, so cold email campaigns may take more emails to start conversion or spark interest. The fact is these emails spend more time building up your brand, service, or product as an agent before introducing listings.

3. Drip Campaigns:

Drip email campaigns are typically automated or triggered by lead behavior, including users where they signed in on your website, tracking their browsing activities, and where they accessed your website from. it helps to keep leads engaged, drip email campaigns gradually shares new listings, updates, and get interesting information over time and in correspondence to insights derived from the behavior. It will be taken weeks or months for a buyer persona leads to convert to a sale, so keeping them interested in a drip campaign is key.

4. Open House & Event Follo-up Campaigns:

Open house email campaigns encourage people to attend open houses and talk to email marketing agents about their interest in making a purchase a product or service. After an event, To run a follow-up campaign allow real estate agents to touch base abut interest in the property and schedule the one more viewing. Check out here the email marketing plan for real estate.

5. Referral or Testimonial Request Campaigns:

Most of the agents forget about a lead after making a sale. The existing client’s contact areas valuable after closing a deal because they can offer valuable testimonials or referrals. Email marketing at this stage makes the most of the agent’s relationship with lead by requesting positive reviews and referrals.

Follow the Six Rules for Real Estate Email Marketing:

  1. Make a Good First Impression
  2. Call Readers to Action
  3. Educate Your Audience
  4. Make Your Emails Entertaining
  5. Don’t Sell Your Services
  6. Get Personal After the Sale

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