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We deliver tangible results to marketers around the world with our Email Campaign Services. Using our disciplined four-step methodology, we design, build, deploy, and complete every aspect of your interactive email marketing campaigns. So you can focus on your many other responsibilities

KVN Mail

Why KVN Mail’s

Email Marketing ?

KVN Mail says cheap? Well, maybe it isn’t “cheap” but is sure is a very low cost internet marketing channel to implement and it has a great return for your business. That’s a huge difference whether you are a small business with a limited amount of resources or a large corporation with many internet email marketing options to choose from. No wonder KVN Mail’s price comparatively affordable as premium one.

Easily choose who receives it and who doesn’t – allowing you to target the population you want to be in front of – you know, the people who want to hear from you and want what you have to offer. You can also easily customize your emails to a segment of the population, to a buyer personal, or even for the current season of the year with our features. You are not locked into one thing!

When you choose to use KVN email service, one of the benefits is the tracking ability you gain. There are many measurable actions can track such as bounce rates, delivery rates, open rates, click through rates, and unsubscribe rates. Easily get a picture of how email campaigns are performing. Email marketing metrics are important to monitor and measure internet marketing strategy where you can get from KVN Mail.

Commonly used by

Retails Segments

Retail segments use to send bulk email campaign for their product launch, new offers, occasional wishes comes brand impression to their targeted segments

Shopping Portals

Various shopping portal delivers millions of emails by using bulk email services. Offers announcements to subscribers eventually getting business

E – Publishers

E-Publishers reaches their potential prospects and their customers. Sends huge number of email blasting to keep them actively in hold with simple ways


Blasting emails in single click to their distributors, dealers and vendors. Using minimum of email marketing services with high number results as targeted marketing

Real Estates

Real estates do email campaign for new project launches, reach targeted segments to100% sell off and also create brand recall in entire market

Brand Promoters

New business firms or product suppose to require mass marketing. They use this email campaign to reach public segments for brand/product promotions


Email marketing is highly helpful to get admission and announcing the course details for their students and parents, also sending alerts to them with complete reports

Services Providers

Conversions of bulk email marketing services in this segment is enormous, they are sending their services across the world to generate the prospects

Cloud Based

Email Marketing Price Details

1 Lakh Emails

4000 Emails/hour


5 Lakh Emails

4000 Emails/Hour


10 Lakh Emails

4000 Emails/Hour


25 Lakh Emails

4000 Emails/Hour

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