Benefits of Email Marketing

Are you a small business and looking for ways to increase your visibility (online) and drive more sales?

Then you should know this to consider as best channel

Benefits of E-mail Marketing:

  • Low set-ups costs
  • Flexible across platforms
  • Fast campaign deployment
  • Measurable, through analytical programmes via bounce, delivery, click and conversion rates
  • Data-driven
  • Integration with other media
  • E-mails offer great exposures than other channels, as it waits in the inbox, and has higher exposure than blogs and social media platforms
  • E-mail is highly focused and targeted
  • ROI of 4,300% (Social Media Today, 2014)
  • Improves customer communications and loyalty
  • Ability to drive high levels of traffic and conversion (into sales)
  • Interactivity (that often invites immediate respond action)
  • Easily personalised
  • E-mail is ranked as the #1 communication channel by consumers for initial introduction to a product/ service, learning about a product/service, and post-purchase follow-up about a product/service (Social Media Today, 2014)
  • Leads to higher conversion rates (at least 3X as high as social media conversion rates) (Social Media Today, 2014)

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