Low Email Open Rate? Here’s the Quick Guide to Resolve!

It’s every marketer’s trouble: You spend time crafting the perfect content for your subscribers with a bright subject and creative body. You hit send and, voila! Or so you expect.

The most common questions we can hear from marketers is “how can I improve my email open rates?

Before you come to a solution, you must understand what went wrong. Even more frustrating? Open rates can be low for a variety of reasons. 

According to MailChimp, The average open rate of email across all industries is 20.81%. But these data extensively vary by industry.

Then what’s the cause for low email open rate?

  1. The subscribers aren’t interested in your content.
  2. Your subject lines are no longer attract your customers.
  3. Your emails getting filtered by SPAM.
  4. No sense of urgency in content
  5. Sending emails too frequently
  6. Using keywords that triggered the SPAM filter.
  7. Too many links and attachments.
  8. You aren’t targetting right users.

These are common things to consider for low email open rate. Still, there are numerous metrics to measure the open rate.

KVN Mail team analyzes the data for low open rates, 73% of email marketing service user is not following proper rules for subject line compelling. So how do you increase the open rates?

Time is also an important thing to consider before you hit the send button know the general advice for best and worst times to send emails.

Let’s see the solution to avoid low email open rate.

The subscribers aren’t interested in your content:

  • Due to time, due to a change in their lifestyle, job changes, and changes in priorities, they have become less interested in your emails.
  • In this case, subscribers will be more likely to mark your email as spam. Unclean and old email lists will contribute to low email open rates.

Your subject lines are no longer attract your customers:

  • Subject lines are the guards to your emails, and the first thing that the recipient sees in their inbox.
  • A good email subject line consists of two elements: firstly, it tells what the email content is about, and secondly, it tells that the email is worth opening. 

How effective subject lines will help to increase open rates?

Read the 12 tips for Email Subject lines which will help to increase open rates

Your emails getting filtered by SPAM:

  • Usage of specific keywords may lead the mail into the spam filter.

No sense of urgency in content:

  • Creating a sense of urgency could increase the email open rate.

e.g., “this weekend”, “limited offer”

Sending emails too frequently:

  • Firstly make sure how often they would except you emails.
  • You can directly ask your subscribers about this. Nothing can be better other than this.

Using keywords that triggered the SPAM filter:

  • Some keywords could trigger spam alerts. Better to avoid this.

e.g., Guarantee, 100% free, FREE, ALL CAPS, $$$, !!! Or excess of any symbol, Attention!, Act Now!, FWD:, T e x t w I t h g a p s.

  • Avoid filling too many links in the email body. Use text instead of links.

You aren’t targetting right users:

  • Some content looks practical and exciting, but it is not relevant to the recipient. Targeted bulk email is better than regular bulk email.


Your emails aren’t mobile-friendly!

Mobile email will account for 26 to 78% of email opens, depending on your target audience, product and email type. eMailmonday – “the Ultimate mobile email stats” (2021)

Make sure that the email layout, design, and images are compatible on all devices.


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