Targeted Bulk Email Marketing is much Better Than Regular Bulk Email!

Using bulk mail marketing and directly reach your prospects and customers is always preferable to the smart approach. Quantity is not better than quality.

Create Your Email List

“The cash is in the information list” is a famous quote that depicts what bulk email marketing is all about. List building requires a ton of patience and commitment. It can also become a tedious process. In any case, you can expect significant yields from such a list. When you get sufficient email addresses, chunk them into various groups and send special emails for each one, instead of sending a similar mail to one and all. A focused email list is one where you concentrate on the necessities, likes, and dislikes of every client you have. 

Start the Campaign

Once you developed the targeted list, you can start an email advertising campaign that is significantly more customizable and personalized. A targeted email list assists you to interact with individuals who shared their interests. It shows that they require your products/services in a language, tone, and style that appeals to them. It helps your clients’ to feel that you take their interests very seriously and that they are valued.

With a targeted list, you will consistently have a group of loyal customers. For example, if you are a bookseller and have a chain of retail outlets, you can create a group of your list into people who prefer specific sorts of books, age-groups, most valued customers, etc. You can also sort your list based on the purchase your customers make. That means you may have a separate category for customers who purchase between $300 and $500 or between $500 and $1000 or above $1000.

Targeted Email

Unlike bulk email, targeted bulk email encourages you to focus on building a strong and lasting relationship with your customers. With a targeted email list, you can have completely different communication styles for alternative classes of possibilities and clients. You can communicate with them in a way that they will able to relate. It will make your campaign significantly more effective. For example, if you sell laptops, then you can develop different communications for students and businesspersons.

In your email to students, you could place your laptop as an entertainment platform to share music, photos and stay in contact with friends 24X7. For businesspersons, you could position the laptop as a problem-solving tool that will enhance their efficiency with convenient to critical business-related information wherever they may be. All in all, segmented email lists enable you to build up better Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

As an integral part of our email marketing service, KVN Mails’ contact list segmentation feature enables you to create modified fields through which helps you to organize your email list better. Through in-depth list segmentation, KVN Mail allows you to deliver a higher level of personalization in communication.


It is better to send targeted bulk emails than a single mail to your entire list. A well-segmented email list is a key to a successful, effective, and rewarding bulk email campaign.


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