Email Marketing Strategy For Travel Businesses

Email Marketing Strategy For Travel Businesses

The Big industry of travel and hospitality has been steadily migrating to the internet. The amount of modern travel booked online is more than 60%. That’s a lot of travel agencies promote the business through email marketing.

Key Aspects of a Successful Travel Agency Email Marketing

Ways to Build Your List

  • User Registrations on your Website
  • Newsletter Sign-up form on your site
  • Opt-ins through ebooks, webinars, etc
  • Blog sidebar
  • Facebook Page
  • Trade Shows

Kinds of Email you should Send

  • Welcome Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Special Offers & News Updates
  • Cross-promotions
  • Emails to Recover Abandoned Bookings
  • Remarketing to Inactive Subscribers

Ways to Optimize Performance

  • Segment your list
  • Use a personal ‘from the name’
  • Keep subject lines under 70 characters
  • Choose delivery day and time wisely
  • Have short and clear Calls-to-Actions(CTSs)

8 Types of Emails Marketing Campaigns Strategy for Travel Agency:

1. The Warm Welcome

These are often attractive messages triggered by email list signups. Bulk Email Campaign performs an automated process that helps to increase 85% of welcome emails open rate and Click-Through-Rate(CTR) of 29%. When sent emails manually, Open rates drop to 65% while click-through rates fall to 12%.

2. The Newsletter

The Newsletter is a catchall(Commercial email newsletters) format that works, whether you are providing travelers with getaway inspirations, announcing your latest packages of trip and tour places options, sharing travel industry news, or launching new offers or service.

5 variation of email newsletter templates to boost your business:

  • Word News Letter
  • Commercial Email Newsletters
  • Transactional Newsletters
  • Seasonal Newsletters
  • Invitation Newsletters

3. The Festival or Seasonal Offer

The middle-class person can’t go on a trip for every single vacation holiday, birthday, and anniversary celebration trip. Promotions targets holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New year, or other festival days. Spring break and summer season vacations may also get their own campaigns.

seasonal offers

Leads conversion is the overt goal, the real target achieving strategy is to familiarize subscribers with possible options. Even If the email recipients not, subscribers will remember and recognize your tour arrangement expertise when they are ready to make travel organize for a long-awaited vacation.

4. Booking Confirmation

When the retail brand’s purchase processes completed, often send receipts via email. A travel ticket booking confirmation is essentially the same. These travel agency emails have almost unnaturally high open rates because travelers will often view them move than once. With some open rates, it’s really worth adding more opportunities for conversions and revenue. Consider cross-selling or upselling.

5. The Informational Message for Travelers

More than 75% of travelers admit that informative content plays a part in their decision making. The key here is to be a caring and supportive brand to your potential and existing customers. Send your traveler some useful information like you may send inclement weather or tourist spot interesting events, scheduling details pre-arrival. You can craft destination-specific travel guides to send to subscribers when they arrive.

6. Send Thank You Message:

Sent auto thank you for a message as a complement to your informational emails and Adding the link to the survey to get feedback about your service that can use to streamline your email marketing and improve to services your brand provides.

7. The Loyalty or Referal Program

Point out the special seasonal offer in the email message. Rewards for reaching milestones and surprises for birthday are ideal email marketing features. A referral offer program powered by your loyalty program. It helps to grow your email list and raise your conversion rate of email.

8. The Re-Engagement Email

Most of the email subscribers potential travelers rather than returning customers? If so, you can beef up your loyalty program or consider running a re-engagement campaign to remind subscribers why they opted into your email list in the first position.

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