email marketing in this pandemic

Engage With Your Customers Using These Email Marketing Strategies in This Pandemic!

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak has forced a massive shift in the way businesses operate day-to-day. 

The impact of the pandemic proceeds to spread across the globe. Businesses, both big and small, are caught unaware and forced to make the necessary adjustments within a strict timeline to keep up with the trends in this pandemic.

If your business is affected by the city-wide, you need to revamp your email marketing strategies to keep up with the times. With so many email marketing services available, you’re sure to have plenty of functionalities and tactics under your control. 

So, how do you make the most of bulk email marketing in this condition? Let’s get into some top-performing email marketing strategies to grow your business amid difficult times. 

Focus on Getting Your Customers Interested

Creating engaging and relevant content for customers is the key to success in email marketing. Consumption of content is at an all-time high. Video streaming and web traffic have seen a huge spike during the first week of the quarantine.


At the same time, you cant publish whatever promotional content that comes to mind. And you have to be very cautious about over-promotion, which ends in losing your potential customer.

Include some essential updates in your content, like informative short health tips for people staying at home. You can easily link to your products and services through fun and educational content.

Offer Exclusive Discounts 

Get your customers’ attention by offering discounts on your products/services and promote them through your email marketing channels. 

Sending discounts through referral links is a way to boost customer loyalty and broaden your reach as well. 


Personalization is one of the essential aspects of mass email marketing

49% of consumers say that they would like to receive promotional emails from their favourite brands on a weekly basis. Email marketing is the most preferred way to reach your customers personally with personalized content. 

Set up triggered emails based on your customers’ recent behaviors and engagement with your brand. Trigger-based emails have high open rates and effectively target window shoppers to become paying customers.

Low Email Open Rate?

Here’s the Quick Guide to Resolve!

Implement a Retargeting Campaign

Consider retargeting your email campaigns to reach both customers and potential leads further. Retargeting helps you track your customers’ behaviors after they leave your website with or without buying anything. 

By using retargeting, you are simply reminding the products the user had interacted with your site.

Enhance Your Email Deliverability Rate

A well-crafted email campaign is only effective if delivered to the right audience. It uses the proper techniques to ensure email deliverability.

After all, you’d want to make sure that your emails don’t go straight to your customer’s spam folder. By following deliverability best practices, you can get better open rates and even conversion rates overall.

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