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How travel brands can rebuild trust with customers by utilizing email marketing

Times are hard for the travel industry.

The brands and consumers still face travel restrictions, bans, border closure and quarantine. The industry almost loses $935 billion in the first 10 months of 2020 alone.

Consumers have faced many challenges in the past years. Some have lost money, some cancelled trips, and others are hopeless to visiting loved ones around the world.

Disappointments and confusion aside, travel brands are working with full confidence to rebuild.

Fortunately, email marketing is the perfect channel to support brands in engaging with consumers and rebuilding trust.

Go through the 5 ways that travel brands can do just that:

Capture data the right way

The first and the basic step is to Capture Data.

In particular, how travel brands catch their information. On account of GDPR, it is currently unlawful to contact information that hasn’t been unequivocally selected to be reached by you. And keeping in mind that this is truth be told the law, a few brands actually don’t get it very right.

Consumers are now very careful about their data privacy. Meaning that they don’t take it as normal if brands contact them uninvited.

Resulting in,

Angry emails, bad PR on social media, and legal repercussions.

Therefore, brands need to follow GDPR best practices whenever they acquire data.

Send a warm welcome

Regardless of the industry, you are in for your new customer or signup. Welcome emails are a good start to building a relationship.

Firstly, recipients are most engaged with a brand within the first 48 hours of subscribing. So by sending out welcome emails, travel brands can contact recipients at best possible time.

Welcome emails are also a chance to build trust by sharing the most valuable information.

This could include a brief intro to the travel company, links to their website and social channels, support details, and a welcome promotion to encourage the recipient to start browsing for their next trip.

Here’s a quick guide to create outstanding welcome emails!

Be relevant

This is not limited to the travelling industry, but people get annoyed or lose interest in your brand when you reach out with irrelevant information.

This happens when you aren’t using their data properly or haven’t acknowledged any recent bookings or purchases.

Luckily, this is perfectly achievable with the use of email and data.

Travel brands can showcase content to each individual by combining behavioural and purchase data.

Keep them updated

Usually, customers spend a large amount of money with travel brands. Due to all the uncertainty over the past 18 months, the last thing consumers want is to be left uncertain, worried, or confused.

So travel brands should consider this thing and constantly build trust by sharing regular updates through email.

By following these processes, customers will acknowledge that their booking goes smoothly and no need to worry about it.

Be an expert

In the current situation, travelling has become a confusing process.

Customers have to consider many things like their travel bucket list, country border status, quarantine, cancellation policy and etc.

Travel brands should be proficient in the latest travel updates to rebuild trust.

Travel brands should reach out to their customers by regularly sharing knowledge.

Email is an efficient way to keep cusotmers engages and it has high engagement rate. With 73% of marketers rating email as the NO 1 digital channel for ROI.

Are you a travel brand looking to rebuild trust?

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