Best Ways to Re-Engage with Your Email Subscribers

Best Ways to Re-Engage with Your Email Subscribers

Are your subscribers active enough? Continue reading to learn how to deal with your subscribers who are still paying attention and who aren’t and know how to improve engagement with your subscribers.

First of all, don’t get worried about your inactive email subscribers. Having a list of email subscribers with no engagement makes it frustrating. This is a common case for all email advertisers. 

If this is the case with you, now is the time to think about “How engaged are your subscriber lists?” and “Why is email re-engagement important?”

Good email marketing provides valuable content to the subscribers who have chosen to receive content from you. It is the main thing to improve engagement rate. 

When it comes to inactive email subscribers, email marketers have three choices. 1) They can remove them from the list, 2) Ignore the status and send them emails or 3) Re-engage with new emails. 

The first two steps require less time, and they may not work all time. However, re-engaging with them may yield positive returns.

So upcoming is the re-engagement plan. You can get back into your subscribers’ good books. It may seem like a bit of work, but the results can be worth it—with less money being spent on inactive subscribers and higher engagement.

Exclusive offers and discounts

Everyone pays attention when it comes to an offer or discount. Sending relevant discounts or exclusive offers to inactive user lists using your marketing automation platform is great for making them look into. 

The offer email should create urgency and encourage inactive subscribers to take action before it expires.

Send personalized emails

Personalized emails are a great way to engage with inactive subscribers. You can collect their data like purchase history, web behaviour etc., to produce more helpful content.

Here are a few quick tips for more personalized re-engagement campaigns:

  • Product recommendations
  • Anniversary discounts
  • Birthday gifts

Send a re-confirmation campaign

Send them a confirmation email whether they want to hear from us or not. Keep in mind this should be a your chance, best content, best offer kind of email because this is the last chance you have to impress.

Ask for feedback and provide options

A simple way to know what they think about your brand is to ask them. Not all inactive subscribers reject your brand. Maybe they aren’t comfortable with your communication or want to receive certain types of emails. You can show them alternate ways to engage with your brand.

Read your inactive subscribers send them a form that consists of what they love to receive, and give them a space to customize their own email preferences.

Your subscribers will appreciate your approach and effort to understand their wants and needs.

Say goodbye

If all went in vain after trying all possible ways, it is important to make a decision to save your time and money from an inactive subscribers list. Yes, it may seem like you’re getting rid of potential customers but the reality is that they’re likely doing more harm than good by hanging around.

Final Thoughts on Re-Engaging with Inactive Email Subscribers

You can’t to get back your every inactive subscriber on your list. Even the best tailored and targeted campaigns will fail to re-engage with certain subscribers. After several failed efforts, you will learn to recognize when it’s time to move on and remove a subscriber from your list.


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