Now our Email Marketing Service in Mumbai | KVN Mail

Email Marketing is a Complete Solution for Promotional Campaigns.

Though, it gives extensive leads for business through large-scale and meets all your targeted clients with all requirements fulfilled.

Mumbai is the hyper city for all the fields, and there is an extreme competition level to meet different persons for the same field.

So, you need to make our brand unique to show off.

Through KVN Mail you can send the right message to the right person at the right time using smartphones, tab and laptop at any time anywhere.

With a simple set of details like login credentials and internet usage, a person can run its email campaigns with this application.

Email Marketing with KVN Mail will help you in the following ways,
Contact list:
  • The contact list can include First Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Company Name etc.

  • Easy to Import and Export the Contact list.

  • Can Import N number of the list.

  • Can customise and personalize the content using the First Name, Last Name, Company Name etc.

  • Import HTML / WebSite File Link or KVN Mail Provide Basic Templates too.

  • It has an inbuilt Spam Checking tool.


KVN Mail Application can attach files like Portable Document Format, ZIP File, RAR File etc.


KVN Mail Provide two types of Server one is Cloud, and the other is Dedicated Package. Where Cloud is a Shared IP and the Dedicated is a separate IP.


The Statistics report will help you out in driving new strategy.

To have healthy growth and engagement with the clients KVN Mail application provide reports like open reports, bounce mail ids, link reports, unsubscribed reports etc.

KVN Mail with its Email Marketing Solution around the world and in India as the leading state in the major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Cochin, Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon, and Ahmedabad.

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