Why are emails going to spam in Bulk Email Services?

In Bulk Email Services emails going to spam is a common factor. There are so many factors for landing in spam. This is because of the filtration policy of various email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail etc. To add content to this blog let’s have a brief note on mails landing in a spam folder.

Nowadays in our day to day life, Bulk emails become an important factor for our business. In a business segment, it is very essential to have a touch with our new and existing clients. In order to build a good relationship with our clients and to know their needs, Bulk mail is the most efficient and cheapest way to meet our requirements.

But it is not so easy to use the bulk mail services. We have so many practical difficulties in blasting the campaigns. If I blast the campaigns, most of the mails are going to spam folder. I don’t know what mistake I did in preparing the content? In spite of following CAN-Spam Act policy, still, mails are going to spam.

With this question, we will start our discussion. As we discussed earlier, mails landing in spam depends on so many factors like databases, Email Subject line, Email Content etc. and so on. Like this, we have so many reasons behind it

Top 6 reasons for mails delivering into spam

1. The sender’s information that is “From Email id” should be accurate including originating his domain. The sender information should not be from a public name like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail etc.

2. Using spam words in your content like Free, Offer, Income etc., will direct your mail to spam. Use the spam-free content by using the alternate words for spam word and also refer the spam list in Google for more information.

3. For a good email campaign “Subject Line” is a key player. Have to focus more subject line. The subject line should be easily readable, not too short, avoid more capitalization.

4. Attachments should be avoided in the bulk email campaigns. If the campaign contains an attachment it will alert the spam filters for virus scanning. So there are more possibilities for landing in spam.

5. It is better to attract the campaign by giving an image instead of text alone. The content should be 55% of the image part and 50% of the text part. An image should be proper in size and dimensions.

6. Sending mails to inactive mail addresses is also one of the reasons for mails landing in spam. If you send the emails consistently to the inactive email address, spam filters will consider your domain or ISP as a spammer.

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