How to measure the performance of an Email Campaign?

Measuring and Monitoring the Email Campaign is Very Simple,

Are you facing trouble in measuring the performance of an Email Campaign? Now we have a solution to analyse your email campaign activities.

Its mandatory to look the Email Campaign Metric every time you send an Email Campaign in order to serve your customer based on their action on your mailer and to know the reach of the campaign sent. Also, through Email Monitor, you can know Return on Investment on what you actually looked for.

The Basic Email Monitoring Features with KVN Mail are as below,

1.Email Campaign Reports: If you want to know your Email Campaign “ Stack Up “ you have to know the open ratio as it is essential to analyse the performance of the campaign.

The 5 Key Elements of Email Campaign Metrics are the Open Report, Link Report, Unsubscribe Report, Bounce Report and Forward Reports. By knowing these five key elements, you can help on improving your upcoming campaigns.

Measuring these 5 Key Elements and working on it to keep your campaign healthy will move your business to a higher level.

2.Real-Time Statistic Report: Using KVN Mail Statistic Report you can track how many of them have opened the email and when the link has been clicked, the reports along the statics can be viewed in the websites, Bounce reports with reasons etc. You can view the report visually appealing in the bar chart and also as a data table with more details. These reports can be exported as well as printed for future references.

3.Google Analytics Integration: Integrating Google Analytics helps you in achieving  “Conversion Goals”, as you are sending an email campaign you can add or configure your google analytics details with the respective email campaign. The configuration with GA will give you that complete report on the number of visits, goals and e-commerce conversion for that campaign.

4. Custom Reports: In statistic reports, you can view the reports based on the last seven days, last 30 days, last year reports alone by using custom options.

5. Details on Unsubscribers: You can view the mail id of unsubscribers, i.e. who have unsubscribed you from the list. These unsubscribers will not be receiving the emails on your next campaign of that list which you have scheduled earlier. So make an eye on how well we are targeting and who are all are reaching our emails.

6. Email Bounce Tracking: Bounce Statistic Report is an automated process which provides the mail id which has not been delivered and bounced back to the sender. In bounce report you can view email address bounced when and why with the following reasons.

There are two types and reasons for bounces, one is hard bounce which is a permanent, and the reason for hard bounces like email id does not exist etc., and the second type of bounce is the soft bounce which are temporary bounces like block due to content, over quota which can’t be replaceable etc.

7. Forward to Friends: Using KVN Mail Form, you can also know how viral your email campaign is reaching, by understanding who has forwarded your campaign to a friend.

Hope these Monitoring features will help you to understand your audience, improve the techniques from the next campaign and to have an excellent online reputation.

Running an effective email campaign strategy will improve your “Business Brand” and takes your level of branding to the next step!


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