6 Email Marketing Strategies for Successful Event Promotion

6 Email Marketing Strategies for Successful Event Promotion

As per email marketing strategies never consider what type of event you are planning to execute, one of the best marketing plans to increase the number of attendees is through email marketing. Email is used by major businesses and used by 50% of the world’s population. Email marketing tool is proven to be 100% useful tool for event creators. American event management company Eventbrite recently shared some surprising email marketing stats supporting this statement.

  • 76% of the event honestly agree that email marketing is their most commanding marketing tactic.
  • Open rates of event emails are 28%, and 4.97% click on the website links.
  • 48% of event tickets can be sold using event promotion email marketing.

Now, We know how email marketing tool is used for event messages convey to attendees. Without any delay, we’ll see how to get your message across to the audience response to the significant frequency and volume of emails people receive.

1. Pre-Event Email Campaigns

Pre-launch event emails can create awareness among the audience and boost event ticket sales. Pre-launch activities work perfectly if you want your engaged mailing list members to book their seats early. Because your event conducted with limited spaces.

Event presenters can begin with this Pre-launch email campaign by offering more informational content regarding the event that is about to take place. It lets people know what’s received for them and what to expect from it. A formal pre-event campaign of a handful of emails that generate interest to join the event. For instance, it looks like this:

  • An Email with event announcement information message
  • First details consisting of a written interview with event speakers.
  • Second details with video footage from your last event sessions
  • Behind the scenes must be inserted video/image of your event
  • A personal invitation from the chief guest & high-profile speaker who’ll be addressing the attendees at the event.

Check out this event lunching email template below,

event lunching email template

2. Exclusive Offers in Your Invitation Email

After a successful launch of your event emails campaign, you can show your exclusive offers to encourage people to attend your event. The offers could be something like:

  • Early premium tickets priced below your standard tickets
  • Call-to-Action is increasing open rates such as “Buy a tickets, Book tickets and get your first drink free”
  • Mention some discount codes with an expiry date to build a sense of urgency.

3. Encourage Your Email Recipients to Invite Others

Why not attract your attendees to bring their friends along? Emails that encourage your email recipient to invite their colleague, friends, and family will improve the awareness about your event. This way of referral strategy can work best by including social media share links in your dedicated event email.

Two types of way to use email as a tool for sharing the word about your event:

Group Tickets:

Releasing group tickets or “Tell a Friend” offer helps sell more tickets

Running Competitions:
  • Share this event with friends
  • Tag a friend on social media
  • Caption a photo

4. Ask Questions about Your Program to People:

No matter, What people give review about your event, people still come to you with explicit questions as the event approaches. They are providing accurate information about the event, offer an FAQ or contact form, and encourage them to reply to your emails with their questions. To the extent of the reach, you can also post questions on social media inviting questions.

General FAQs for your event ticket sales page:

Here the 10 sample questions:

  1. How much will charge for this event?
  2. Is this possible to buy tickets offline?
  3. Where I get my event ticket if I buy it online?
  4. Parking facility is available or not?
  5. Have you accepted a credit card for payment transfer?
  6. Refund is applicable or not?
  7. What if the event gets canceled?
  8. ID proof is required to enter the event?
  9. Do you offer senior citizens, Ex-serviceman, or other discounts?
  10. Is there an age limit?

5. Send Reminder Emails

Create excitement among attendees by continually reminding them about the event. By sending reminder emails, we can show our interest and build a strong business relationship with our audience.

Reminder Event Calendar Email Template:

Reminder Event Calendar Email Template

6. Thank You Email for Event Attendees

Event creators spend more time planning to organize and promote any event. Email marketers have sent several marketing emails at different phases of business promotion. But then again, what they do after-event activity? Similar to promotional emails, you should also send them a thank you note for making the event a huge success. It’s the best way to engage your event attendees post-event.

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