Why My Email Campaign Has High Unsubscribe Rate

Why My Email Campaign Has High Unsubscribe Rate?

One of the major things that email marketers get frustrated with this. Yes, the email unsubscribe rate. Many email marketers came across the question, “why is my unsubscribe rate so high?”

In this blog, we will figure out the things which affect the unsubscribe rate.

What Is the Unsubscribe Rate?

The unsubscribe rate shows how many of your customers are opting out of receiving email from you. We get some benefits from unsubscribers. To improve the quality of your email list, you want to remove unengaged and inactive contacts. 

Usually, the inactive and unengaged users will unsubscribe from the list.

You’re Not Targeting Your Correct Audience

It’s probably a problem with your audience, not your email. Usually, when we have an unsubscribe rate higher than average, we first think about the email. But there could be another factor like targeting the wrong audience.

Here where email segmentation comes from. It is one of the most crucial steps in email marketing.

There is no wonder of a high unsubscribing rate when we send it to the wrong audience. So our content must be relevant to our customers.

Our goal is to send the right message to the right people at the right time.

Know the difference between

Bulk email marketing and targeted Bulk email marketing

Do Unsubscribe Rate Really Matter?

A high unsubscribe rate can’t be ignored. It not only affects the campaign, but it can also have long-term negative impacts on your email marketing as a whole.

The Solution

  • Understand the problem behind the campaign unsubscribe rate.
  • Ensure the contact list.
  • Rework on email campaign content.

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