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6 Tips to Promote Your Travel Agency by Email Marketing in India

As far as technology changes, every industry sees a big difference in the marketing method. Unlike the old days, today, technology has evolved. That’s why you need a strong digital marketing strategy to engage with your customers. Compared to digital booking, travel agencies have fewer walk-in customers.

There are various digital marketing mediums to promote your travel agency, but email marketing has immense benefits. Unlike websites and apps, the email goes one step ahead and point them wherever they want to go.

Here are the 6 successful techniques for travel agents.


Building the list the first step for email marketing. Before marketing, you need to get email lists. We’ll show you how to get the list.

  • Companies like KVN Mail provide bulk email marketing service with many tools for automating your marketing: scheduling, subscription forms, automated responses, newsletter templates, and more.
  • Place subscription forms in visible places on your website and social media pages.
  • Give people a reason to subscribe. Offer benefits that match your specialty (e.g. “Subscribe to my newsletter and Get 50% off on TripAdvisor”). Offer promo code, coupons and extra benefits to attract your customers.


Contact your customers regularly to get maximum engagement. Creating a newsletter helps you position yourself as an expert to your customers and get people to expect your emails.

Give your newsletter a simple and straightforward name that helps you brand yourself and include your logo. Using an automated email service gives you access to many professional-looking templates.


Remember your customers are subscribed to your newsletter for the valuable information you provide, not for spammy promotion.

Include offers in your emails, of course. However, it would help if you also shared tidbits such as:

  • Destination Guides
  • Seasonal/Timely Events
  • General Travel Tips
  • Useful links. It’s best to send subscribers to your site and other pages.


Bulk email marketing is a powerful tool to enhance content marketing for travel agents. If you have a blog, give a related link to your latest posts in your emails. You can also send traffic to your Facebook page, videos, articles, and any other channels you may be using.


The first step is to create a single email list and newsletter.

However, as your list grows, it’s even more powerful to segment your list and send the most appropriate messages to each customer. 

If you use an autoresponder, then segmentation isn’t that complicated. For example, you can set up different campaigns associated with different opt-ins. You might set up a series of emails to promote tours to various destinations. Some of your readers might be more interested in South India, others North India.


According to Statista, The number of smartphone users in India was estimated to reach over 760 million in 2021.

Mobile users have now surpassed desktop users, so you need to be prepared for mobile-friendly users. Travelers not only use their mobiles for booking but they also use them at every stage of their journeys. 

  • Make sure your email is mobile-friendly. Keep the email short and precise. Use fewer images as they can slow down the experience.
  • Reach out to customers while they’re travelling. They’re likely to open your messages from their phones and may appreciate add-ons you can offer. For example, someone on a trip may want to book a tour or buy a city pass for transportation and entertainment. 

We hope these email strategies will help your travel agencies grow their business and connect with more clients. Email marketing can complement all of your other digital marketing strategies. It enables you to acquire new clients and keep in touch with existing ones. With an email list, you can establish your expertise, send traffic to your website, and remind travelers to take advantage of your latest offers. You’ll also find that the benefits of email marketing increase over time as your list grows.


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