10 ways to avoid spam emails

10 Proven ways to prevent email reaching in the spam

We, day to day running with several mail campaigns and we don’t know where it ends finally.
We are in a mode to reach people, but that won’t be mere to people’s vision.
So where it goes? In case, your mail content finds to be in the spam folder.How will you move further to avoid it? Let’s dive into following quick steps:

The best 10 proven ways to prevent mail reaching in the spam,

1.Segment your contact list.
2.Validate your Database every six months.
3.Make your Email subject attractive (short is better 6 to 10 words).
4.Improve the content using design.
5.Avoid more images in the material.
6.Make your content with real quality content and design.
7.Avoid sales words in Email Subject and Content.
8.Use Spam Keyword Checker tool to test your content and subject line.
9.Use a Brand Name as sender name and domain mail id as sender mail id.
​10.Have a primary goal Call to Action.

Apart from all these, when you initially run a campaign don’t hurry that the first advertise reaches spam. Making it right arriving in the inbox, Just make your content spam free, schedule your campaigns at regular time intervals, and finally, when your IP gets reputed, your brand in reaching people makes as comfortable as such.Why make it hard to run?Make your drive wise and simple!

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