Pre-send Checklist for Email Campaigns

Pre-send Checklist for Email Campaigns

Sending an email campaign can be a nerve-wracking experience for any digital marketer. There can be a lot of questions, doubts, and little fear in your mind before sending the email.

Do all internal links work? Are there any typos that were missed? Will the recipient be engaged and respond to the email? Proofing and editing content is a must, of course, but is that enough to ensure you haven’t overlooked anything in email content?

Sometimes you spend so much time looking at composed email content you miss the little pieces of information. And with email marketing being an important strategy for any business, it’s crucial that each send be the best possible email.

To help overcome this sending fear and also avoid the most common email errors, KVN Mail is happy to share this email campaign pre-send checklist. It covers each part of the marketing email, like subject line, manually checking links and content, and also helps to aspects of a send that you may not think about like testing and analytics.

Read the Email Campaign Pre-send Checklist below and fearlessly send your next email campaign:

Pre-send Checklist for Email Campaigns

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