What Makes A Successful Re-engagement Campaigns?

What Makes A Successful Re-engagement Email Marketing Campaigns?

Email marketing is an essential tool to reach your business to the next level of lead generation.

Targeting clients and customer reach with emails, make more effective when it comes to handling business.

When your visitors subscribe to your email to have you with or in likely to communicate with you, it is the most effective time to engage your brand with your clients.

But later on eventually few of the client may become inactive, even if your mailer reaches there inbox they choose to ignore or not open the mail.

To address this issue and win your client back, you have to know your active subscribers and inactive subscribers initially.

Having an inactive client does not seem to be an issue. But having too many inactive clients will spoil the sender reputation and the email delivery rate. Now to overcome this issue, create a unique re-engagement email campaign focusing on the inactive subscribers.

The Re-engagement Emails can be sent as with the following steps:

Email 1 – Grabbing the attention of the subscribers. Like, creating urgency or offering them with creative offers or discounts in the content can make them active to open your mail.

Email 2 – Provide value by waiting for two to three weeks, few of the inactive subscribers may have opened the mail and many who still does not.

Now you need to send a follow-up mail for them who have not yet open the mailer. Tell them you care about their time choice and not want to keep sending the email if they are not interested. At the same time remain them what all the benefits they will be missing on leaving your email list without reading it, also intimate them if you have made any changes on your product or service on recent days.

Email 3 – Let them decide, Now wait for two weeks again, and there may be another few people who were still not ready to open even your second email. Take these inactive subscribers in your stride and use the below ideas to get in a relationship with the subscribers before you break up.

Ideas that can be followed to create a re-engagement campaign:
  • Plan your strategy.
  • Personalize your re-engagement campaign.
  • Provide offers or discounts.
  • Segment your contact list based on their last engagement.
  • Create a sense of urgency.
  • Use Automation.
  • Use A/B Method to test your content.
  • Analyse the result.

Now everybody as an idea about Re-engagement, and how it plays in connecting your customers with you? It is a second chance for every business holders to grab their clients presence in the way you want to be. Don’t sit back or feel down only with your first mail. Get it to follow, check their needs and create attractive content to find them that they need you.

With this one can finalize, whether to re-engagement with your subscribers and add them into your new leads and in making them as a potential client in future or to saying goodbye by not getting re-engaged with them anymore.


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